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MenuLizard is going away soon!

We had a good run but we never figured out how to convince restaurant owners to send us their menus en masse.

We started this site in 2005. Back then, most restaurants did not have their own websites, so a central repository for menus was a very useful idea.

But now, everyone has their own website. And nobody ever sends us their menus anymore. The average menu age on MenuLizard is almost 14 years old! We will keep the site up for a little while longer, but at some point soon, we are going to pull the plug.

Thanks for using the site! It was fun making it, and we really wish it had become successful and popular. But alas, it was not meant to be!

Lilly G

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Lilly G's Reviews

  • May 6th, 2012
    Coffee is great. Food is close to home cooking. Some foods you can tell (by taste) that they are pretty much institution tasting. Their coupons say buy one get one. That's a false-hood. You only get $7 off (providing you order two meals and two drinks). Example, their chicken fried steak breakfast costs $9.99. So, you order two of them and two coffees. Let's say that the coffees cost $2.50 each (for example purposes only). So, your total bill (without the coupon) should be $24.98. With the coupon it should be $17.98. However, if it were truly buy one get one then your total bill should be $14.99. Some items they are very proud of based on the price of them even though don't taste like they are worth that price. The service is good, the waitress' are friendly and the cook is fast. A drawback is that the bathrooms are outside.
  • May 6th, 2012
    I will NEVER order from them again. They do not bother to tell you that there is a $5 charge for delivery. The egg foo was sickening and I could really careless for the frickin' veggies in my pork fried rice.