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MenuLizard is going away soon!

We had a good run but we never figured out how to convince restaurant owners to send us their menus en masse.

We started this site in 2005. Back then, most restaurants did not have their own websites, so a central repository for menus was a very useful idea.

But now, everyone has their own website. And nobody ever sends us their menus anymore. The average menu age on MenuLizard is almost 14 years old! We will keep the site up for a little while longer, but at some point soon, we are going to pull the plug.

Thanks for using the site! It was fun making it, and we really wish it had become successful and popular. But alas, it was not meant to be!

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Alert This Menu was last updated in July 2010
The prices are likely not accurate

Garden Fresh Salads

Dressings: Bleu Cheese, Buttermilk Ranch, Parmesan Peppercorn, Greek, Balsamic Tarragon Vinaigrette, Honey Mustard, Caesar, Lite Raspberry White Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • Greek Salad

    Crisp iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and pepperoncini peppers topped with feta cheese and Kalamata olives
  • Bleu Cheese Wedge Salad

    Crisp iceberg lettuce with cherry grape tomatoes and sliced red onions, sprinkled with bacon and crumbled bleu cheese
  • Traditional Caesar Salad

    Crisp romaine lettuce, garlic croutons, grated Parmesan cheese and great Caesar dressing
  • Arnold's Garden Salad

    Crisp lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and red, orange and yellow bell peppers
  • Arnolds Summer Salad

    Mixed field greens, sliced pears, grapes, strawberries, dried cranberries, glazed pecans and crumbled gorgonzola cheese
  • Nantucket Strawberry Spinach Salad

    A bed of baby spinach served with fresh strawberries, blueberries, toasted almonds, sesame seeds, Mandarin oranges and a tangy balsamic apple cider vinaigrette
  • Add Lobster Salad

  • Add Lump Crabmeat Salad

  • Add Grilled Salmon

  • Add Grilled Chicken

  • Add Skewered Shrimp

  • Add Tuna Salad


Chowder & Bisque

  • New England Clam Chowder

    Cup or Bowl
    S $3.99 • L $4.99
  • New England Clam Chowder

    Pint or Quart
    S $7.99 • L $14.99
  • New England Clam Chowder

    Gallon, served cold for take out only
  • Maine Lobster Bisque

    Cup or bowl
    S $4.99 • L $6.99
  • Chili

    Texas style with meat and beans. Cup or bowl
    S $3.99 • L $4.99

Baked Potatoes

  • Plain Baked Potato

    Fresh Idaho potato served with butter
  • BLT Potato

  • Potato Toppings

    Texas Chili, Broccoli, Sour Cream and Chives, Bacon, Shredded Lettuce, Tomato, Cheddar Cheese

Steamed Lobsters

Choose your size: 1.25 lb, 1.5 lb, 2 lb, 2.5 lb, 3 lb. Ask for lobsters over 3 pounds.
  • Lobster A La Carte

    By itself with drawn butter
    Market Price
  • Lobster Special

    1.125lb served with corn on the cob and clam chowder
    Market Price
  • New England Lobster Shore Dinner

    Served with a pound of steamers and corn on the cob
    Market Price
  • Native Blue Mussels

    Steamed in lemon, wine and garlic sauce
  • Native Steamers

    1 or 2 pounds
    S $8.99 • L $15.99

Baked Dinners

Served after 5:00 PM
  • Arnold's Maryland Style Crab Cakes

    With avocado salsa, rice and veggie of the day. Made daily with all fresh ingredients
  • Baked Native Cod

    Baked with seasoned panko crumbs and served with a fresh baked Idaho potato and a side garden salad
  • Baked Wellfleet Scallops

    Baked with seasoned panko crumbs and served with a fresh baked Idaho potato and a side garden salad
  • Baked Salmon

    Fresh Atlantic salmon prepared per chef's daily recipe

Fried Baskets

Served with french fries, homemade coleslaw and our own tartar sauce. Dipping sauces: BBQ, honey mustard, duck, buffalo wing or spicy sauce for dipping
  • Fried Native Clam Basket

  • Native Clam Strip Basket

  • Calamari Basket

  • Fried Lobster Basket

    Market Price
  • Wellfleet Scallop Basket

  • Chatham Fish & Chips

  • Fried Shrimp Basket

  • Oyster Basket

  • Fried Chicken Basket

  • Boneless Chicken Tenders

  • Seafood Platter

    Whole belly clams, oysters, calamari, shrimp, scallops and codfish

Fried Sides

  • World Famous Onion Rings

    Arnold's original homemade onion rings. We serve two thousand pounds per week
    S $4.29 • L $5.29
  • Fried Native Whole Belly Clams

    Market Price
  • Clam Strips

    S $10.99 • L $16.99
  • Wellfleet Scallops

    S $14.99 • L $20.99
  • Oysters

    S $12.99 • L $18.99
  • Fried Shrimp

    S $12.99 • L $18.99
  • Calamari

    Marinara sauce served upon request
    S $10.99 • L $16.99
  • Chicken Tenders

    S $8.99 • L $12.99
  • French Fries

    Add sharp melted cheddar for 79¢
    S $2.29 • L $3.99
  • Rice Pilaf

  • Broccoli

  • Coleslaw

  • Corn on the Cob


Fried Seafood Rolls

  • Fishwich

    Fresh native cod deep fried and served on a roll. Cheese, lettuce or tomatoes available upon request
  • Fried Native Clam Strip Roll

    Served on a toasted roll
  • Fried Native Clam Roll

    Served on a toasted roll
    Market Price
  • Fried Wellfleet Scallop Roll

    Served on a toasted roll

Hamburgers & Sandwiches

Quarter pound certified black angus beef
  • 50s Burger

    Topped with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo
  • Cheeseburger

  • ½ Double Cheeseburger

    Two burgers and two slices of cheese
  • Hamburger

  • ½ lb Double Hamburger

    Double up the beef
  • Foot Long Hot Dog

    All meat hotdog. Add chili, sauerkraut or melted cheddar for 79¢
  • Hot Dog

    Add chili, sauerkraut or melted cheddar for 79¢
  • Grilled Cheese

  • BLT

    Arnold's favorite
  • Veggie Burger

    Served with lettuce and tomatoes, Hellmann's mayo, honey mustard or ranch available upon request
  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich

    A 5oz portion served with lettuce and tomatoes. Hellmann's mayo, honey mustard or ranch available upon request

Seafood Rolls & Sandwiches

  • Arnold's Ginormous Lobster Roll

    Three times the meat at less than twice the price. Served cold with french fries and homemade coleslaw
  • Warm Lobster Roll

    Served warm with hot butter, french fries and homemade coleslaw
  • Arnold's Lobster Roll

    All chunky lobster meat lightly dressed with mayo. Served cold on a bed of lettuce with french fries and homemade coleslaw
  • Crabmeat Roll

    Lump crabmeat salad served on a bed of lettuce with french fries and homemade coleslaw
  • Tuna Roll

    All white meat albacore tuna salad served on a bed of lettuce

Something To Sip On

  • Cold Beverages

    Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr Pepper, Root Beer, Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Apple Juice, Milk, Wellfleet Beanstock, Iced Coffee, Iced Tea
    S $1.49 • M $1.69 • L $1.89
  • Bottled Water

  • Hot Beverages

    Hot chocolate, TAZO tea, wellfleet beanstock coffee
  • Soft Serve Milkshakes

    Chocolate, vanilla, strwaberry, coffee, mocha, black & white
  • Malted


Children's Menu

For children under 12 years of age. Served with a free drink
  • Kids' Chicken Finger Basket

    Served with french fries and applesauce
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly

    Served with applesauce
  • Kids' Fish & Chips

  • Kids' Grilled Cheese and Fries

  • Spaghetti and Marinara Sauce

    Served with a dinner roll
  • Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

    Served with a dinner roll
  • Kids' Pizza

    Plain or pepperoni