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Generally, we accept everything. If you're not sure, send it anyway!

There are a few exceptions:

We only add menus that have prices! We do not add menus that do not have prices.

Almost all menus fit into our database structure very easily. These menus are broken down into groups ('Pizza', 'Salads', etc). Each group contains individual menu items, each having it's own price ('Cheese Pizza', 'Garden Salad'). Those are "normal" menus that fit perfectly into our database.

These is a less common style of menu that does not fit into our database. This is the style of menu that has multiple groups ('Group 1', 'Group 2', 'Group 3'). You pick one item from each group, and each combination has a set price. This grouping style is most common on Thai menus. This kind of mix-and-match menu does not fit well into our database structure at all. Usually only a small part of a menu is set up like this, and I can work around it. But from time to time, I'll get a whole menu that is like this, and I am unable to add it to the site.

If you are confused and don't know if your menu uses 'normal' grouping or not, then don't worry about it. Just mail us your menu anyway. If it's not something we can add, we'll contact you. But most likely, it IS something we can add. And we want to add it!