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This is a list all of the possible information we can enter into our database, about your restaurant...

Restaurant Information

  • Name - Restuarant name
  • Subtitle - Subtitle of your name
  • Address - Street address
  • Zip Code
  • Longitude and Latitude
  • Phone Number
  • Phone Number 2 - Many restuarants have two numbers
  • Fax Number
  • Public Email - email address posted on the site
  • Private Email - email not posted on the site, for us to contact you only
  • URL - Web address of your website
  • Order URL - Web address of your online ordering
  • Hours - Open and Close time for every day of the week you are open
  • Takeout - yes/no - Do you do takeout?
  • Tables - yes/no - Do you have sitdown tables?
  • Table Service - yes/no - Do you have waiter service?
  • Bar - yes/no - Do you have a bar?
  • Drivethru - yes/no - Do you have a drive-thru?
  • Delivery - yes/no - Do you deliver?
  • Fax Orders - yes/no - Do you accept order via fax?
  • Online Orders - yes/no - Do you accept orders over the web
  • Update - Shows the last date your menu was updated. I can easily update this any time. This will let people know the prices are likely up-to-date, or likely not up-to-date.

Menu Groups

  • Name - Name of the group ('Pizzas', 'Subs', etc)
  • Description - Additional information about the group
  • Order - We can change the order that groups display in

Individual Menu Items

  • Name - Name of food item
  • Description - Description of food item, as wordy as you want it
  • Hot/Spicy - yes/no - Should this item be displayed as being hot/spicy
  • Key - If food items in a group are numbered, lettered etc
  • Price [Regular] - For items with a single price, no sizes
  • Price [Extra Small]
  • Price [Small]
  • Price [Medium]
  • Price [Large]
  • Price [Extra Large]
  • Price [Lunch]
  • Price [Dinner]
  • Price [Custom] ('Market Price', etc. Popular with seafood)
  • Order - We can change the order that items display in, within their group