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Updating your menu is easy

For Minor Changes:

If you have minor changes, you can email them to us. Be sure to put your restaurant's ID number in the subject of the email.

For Big Changes:

If you have big changes, you can follow these easy steps:

1) Write your ID number on a paper menu
2) Write "Update" on the menu
3) Circle or Highlight all of the changes
4) Mail this new menu to us

That's all you have to do, it's easy.
Don't forget the ID number, that little number is very important!

Our Contact Info:

PO Box 80309
Stoneham, MA 02180

Note About Updating:

Every menu on our site, and on every one of our portals, clearly displays the last date your menu was updated on our site. This is to make it as clear as possible to people that, if a menu is several years old, the prices will not be accurate. Sometimes this is still an issue, because some people only see what they want to see. Rest assured, if people call your restaurant quoting old MenuLizard prices, you can tell them to open their eyes and check the date!

And on the same topic, the "Update" date can be updated very easily at any time. So if your prices haven't changed in a year, we can update the date to show people that the prices are still accurate. Just send us an email.