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Your MenuLizard listing will be even more effective if you promote it! Your ID will never change. The more you link to your MenuLizard listing, the more effective it will be.

Use A Shortcut

A normal web address looks like this:

But you can shorten that way down. This web address will work too, and it's much easier to write down and remember:

Use Your Link

Now that you have your short web link, use it. It will never change, so you can stick it all over the place:

Make A Sign

You can make a sign for your window or doors. You can make a cheap one with paper, or you can buy some vynil sticky letters from a sign company. Everybody who walks in your door will see the web address where they can get your menu online, any time.

Forward Your Domain Name

Got a domain name but no website? You can have your domain name point right to your MenuLizard listing:

Contact Us if you want to set up one of these forwarders.