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Absolutely. There are two ways we can add more than one location for your restaurant:

The Easy Way

If all of your restaurant locations have the exact same menu, including prices, then we can easily set up several restaurants and have them share a menu on the site. It doesn't look any different than a 'regular' menu. But making changes to one menu actually changes the menu for all restaurants sharing it. Also, restaurants that share menus will show an 'Other Locations' list above the menu linking to each other.

The Less Easy Way

If your restaurants have different menus, or different prices, then we can just add them as normal separate restaurants. Simply send us a copy of each restaurant's menu, and we will add them all as individual restaurants.

We prefer adding multiple locations using the 'Easy' way if possible.

If you have multiple restaurants with different names, but an identical menu, we can still add them as a shared menu.

There is no gray area for menus being identical. If the menus are shared, then they are 100% identical.